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Your guide on how to style white on white

Happy Sunday guys! 

Thought I’ll serve you some Sunday Fashion Inspiration before we enter a new week. This is another one from the archives but also one of my favorites.

There’s something about wearing white on white that seems so cool and soothing during summers that one should definitely try it for themselves. 

For this look, I decided to style these white bucket waist trousers with this beautiful white jacket with cutout details on it. I absolutely LOVE the detailing- it is minimal and looks so good. Elements like these make it super easy to wear white on white outfit because of the texturing elements and this otherwise basic and simple look instantly attracts a level of newness and depth. Another element that caught my eye is the pom-pom lace detailing on the hem of the jacket and its sleeves. It looks super cute and makes-up for another quirky detail. Also, it’s fabric makes it an ideal pick for summers, it’s cotton and is extremely soothing.

The white pants compliment the jacket, it’s fabric too is summer appropriate- it’s stretchy and breathable. Also, these pants are high waisted which certainly is another element that drifts me towards it. 

I’ve worn a yellow crop top underneath my jacket, I absolutely love the hint of yellow that’s infused in this look with this crop top. It’s like a brimming ray of sunlight on a cloudy sky. (I know I am too dramatic but I was just being me :P). The crop top is plain and extremely simple because here I wanted the jacket to be the center of attention.

Another point of attraction in this look is my footwear. It’s so cute! It’s a nude pair of flats, with this white thread detailing on the front. LOVE IT! 

For accessories, I am carrying this orangish-  pink sequence clutch, which has this long gold chain attached to it. Also, not too miss on that adorable crescent moon shaped neckpiece- I remember being obsessed with it when I got it back then.

That’s all for this look. There’s just something so incredibly crisp, clean, and smart about a white on white outfit that I just cannot get enough of it. All white everything is going to be my mantra for Summers 2019- let me know if you’re joining my tribe. 

I hope y’all like this look as much as I do. 

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I’ll see you next time, until then STAY HAPPY!

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