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When In Mangar

My social media feed was full of Amazon Fashion Week SS 2017 for more than a week now and been a while since I was getting a little jaded of the fashion week updates.
Took a day off from the bustling fashion week to review this exquisitely crafted place, a new property of The Lalit in Mangar Village, Faridabad. I swear I don’t wanna bore you guys while you read the whole story! But to express my view and the crazy experience I had with my buddy Pratibha from during our travel.

Just a night before we headed to Mangar, I came home from the fashion week around 12AM and packed my bag for the day, meanwhile did a few outfit trail for the respective day and was indeed off to bed by 2AM. Digant asked us to be at The Lalit’s, Connaught Place sharp by 6:45 AM so, I had no choice but to wake up at 5AM and to leave for the venue. And guess what? I reached way too early for everybody, as it was fairly 6:15 AM with my sleepy eyes also a tiny backpack furthermore a bad headache due to a shortage of sleep! No more cribbing about the sleepless nights I had during fashion week!

So everyone from the team arrived till 7:10 AM and we went inside the bus and was all ready to depart, but then Pratibha pour herself a glass full of hot tea onto her pants, I am sorry but I could not stop myself from laughing! She is such a cutie, just a little irritated when she is hungry or when she treats herself with a hot tea! I swear I am not laughing right now. Jokes apart, at the end after wiping the tea off from her pants to her irritated phase she was all fine and we were all good to go.


On our way to The Lalit Mangar, we had some munchies from the Lalit’s team and saved my life as I am always hungry! Can’t control my early morning hunger. It’s merely 2hrs from Delhi including the traffic. As our Bus arrived at the Newley crafted Mangar we were welcomed by The Lalit Mangar folks with fresh cinnamon dipped water and were handover our respect luxury room keys.

And we headed to our respective rooms, Making my way to the room I could see the Aravali heels from a lower sight and it was a very pleasing view to showcase in a beautiful early morning. As soon as I was getting more closer to my room the view was more pleasing and appealing. I was greeted by a spotty deer in my room with a note saying that you can call on this no. Whenever you need anything. And I had received a welcome note from the Folks of Mangar on the study table. As soon I reached my room I hopped into the balcony to encounter the Aravali Hills straight from my eye level, it was immeasurably appealing. Now I had to fresh n up and to leave for the breakfast.

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And the time has come to go out at the Mangar Camp and to do some fun activities. The bus drove all of us to the camp site near the hills.
I had a fun time doing Zip lining and taking selfies with the wild sheep! We did a lot of fun activities which made me nostalgic. As dawn was coming to dusk we took our way back to the Hotel for Tea.


All of us were gathered for a folk live music show and to spot some planets from the telescope. The night almost took a full stop after we all had a chit chat session with all the fellow bloggers about ghost stories and their journey of blogging so far and headed back to sleep.


Next day we headed back to our respective adobe, but can’t thank more to So Delhi for an amazing time traveling to Mangar and meeting amazing souls from a different field. It went so smooth and relaxing for a day that i almost forgot that I have to go for the last day of AIFWSS17.

All the photographes were taken on Iphone6s.
Look One: Printed Sweatshirt, H&M | Trouser, Aeropostale | Shoes, H&M | Glasses, Aldo | Bag, Caprese
Look Two: Skirt, Local | Top, Local | Shoes, H&M | Glasses, Aldo | Bag, Caprese

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