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Weekend Getaway – Corbett the Baagh

Few weeks back when i posted a picture on my Instagram, asking all of you about where i am heading to? all packed up was funny! as i got a lot of witty response to the post. Some of you said, i was going to Antarctica haha!! As i was fully packed and ready to go, to experience some fresh air, local culture of kumaoni and some tigers indeed all away from utter pollution of Delhi.

We were hosted by Corbett the Baagh resort and spa, is comforted in between the valley of The National park Jim Corbett, in Patkot village of Uttarakhand for a surreal getaway to explore and experience “Go beyond local”. The travelling experience was to dig closely everything about kumaoni culture.

Its strange, that the hotel was overbooked during off season inspite of being newly opened, i blame the beautiful environment and the eye pleasing sight from the window of the resort. Also the food was fairly okay.

We travelled in a bus from New Delhi to Corbett, till a village named as Ramnagar, 28kms before the resort  at a local tea stall and being served by locally made delicious soy momos! Oh so good. There were two of the jeeps waiting for us to get inside and my heart was already pounding and feeling the wilderness inside as it was my first time in an open jeep! We were thrilled and slightly nervous around the steep and narrow curves of the road as we were jumping and standing on the seats which indeed should not be done at all in such roads. It took us merely forty minutes to reach the resort.

Photomaker : CrazeMag

We were being welcomed by the staff with folk music as a greeting gesture, as soon we reached the village the cellular networks were gone and there we were all cut down from your own world which indeed sums up go beyond local, a total cut off from your busy city life. As the sun was about to set we had an fabulous interactive session waiting for all of as the very evening without loosing any minute. We were guided by a Naturalist to understand the natural calamities that happen in the forest and to tell us more about the habitat around the resort and the village. Hak festival which is an alternative kumaoni name of Makar sankrati.

As soon as the sun set down we headed back to the resort for a well lit bon fire, as we were about to celebrate Lohri and to protect ourselves from all The shivery ice cold wind. The night took a break on the beats of dhol and humming on the strings of guitar as we were gearing up for the next day.

Second day we had to treak to a village near by early in the morning buy sadly i had missed! because i was sleeping as i did not catch my sleep well last night. The national park was not open when we were there, but one small part of the Corbett, Sitabani wildlife reserve was open to experience the wilderness of the Corbett where we spotted different kinds of Deer. Sadly no tiger spotting this time! While coming back towards the resort we were taken to a local street market. there were not more than five to six vendors. These vendors puts up there stall on every Saturday night to seel some Delicious authentic Momos, Golgappe, Some spices, Vegetables and Jalebis. Most funny story of the day was that we ate all the momos that he had at the stall. Poor villagers, now they have to wait for another Saturday night to have them!

As soon as we got back to our den we were told that we are now going to a villagers house to experience the celebration of the local festival “Gugutiya” which is also known as Haka Hak festival which is being celebrated on the second morning of Makkar Sankranti. Haka hak is an action or a sound made by the villagers when an animal comes near to there green fields to ruin them. The festival is celebrated by making different types of structure’s with the dough which is made by beating jaggery and white flour and some more spices and named as Ghugute. Most of the Ghugute were slightly twisted like a rope and then were deep fried in a giant oil pan and were taken out for distribution. These Ghugute are tied on a necklace and wear them by the kids of the house around there necks and being traveled to different neighbours to distribute in the morning. There are many kumaoni stories realated to Ghughute to cherish and to be told. The day ended on a cheerful and celebrating vibe.

Our last day was filled with watching the clouds moving by the blue sky as we took our steps towards the green bushy forest. And we encountered a villager cutting down a tree trunk and questioning us “Aren’t you afraid of the Forest”? We smiled back at her and she took her way towards the forest somewhere. Life around the forest is very peaceful and enchanted because of the right balance of the ecosystem.

About the looks:

Look 1:
Jacket: Guess
Denim: Lacoste
Uggs: Uggs Australia
Wollen Leg warmers: Paharganj, New Delhi
Beanie: Delhi hatt, INA Market, New Delhi
Muffler: Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi

Look 2:
Skirt: Vajor
Sweater & Muffler: Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi
Shoes: New Look
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Look 3:
Cable Knit sweater: Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi
Denim: Zara
Leather Boots: Zara
Bag: Vajor

Sweater & Muffler: Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi
Jacket: Guess
Denim: Lacoste
Uggs: Uggs Australia
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

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