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Backpack, Skybags | Pastel Pink top, Zara | Tartan Shirt, Borrowed from Brother | Rugged Denim, DIY | White Shoes, Koovs | Glasses, RayBan

Photography: Bhuwan Gupta | Concept, Styling, Editing, Modelling: Monalisha Mahapatra

Before leaving for this trek we had planned to pack all our essentials, which generally includes my water bottle, antiseptic cream, earphones, my phone, diary, charger and what not. I packed everything in my Skybags Backpack, which I recently bought from their new collection. Personally, I’m not a Backpack person, I usually don’t like them because they are mostly dark colored and every bag looks similar, simple and common. But nonetheless, Skybags has a lot of options, especially for a human like me! I loved the colour of this Backpack, I can use it anywhere and almost everywhere, to pack my shoot stuff, for a night out, or to travel. The best part about this Backpack is that it has a lot of space, pockets, and it comes with a rain coat! It simply makes you feel like you can pack your whole world in it, rest assured, all your items will not be in harm’s way whilst travelling due to the Backpacks toughness. The rain cover comes in extra handy too for that rainy season!

So summing up my experience, we moved from our place around 3pm and reached Yamuna Bank around 4:30pm, it took us around 1.5hrs to reach to this location, but it was totally worth it! We started our beautiful journey with such sunny bright spells the sun was so harsh, we could barely see! The empty roads did scare us a little, there was not a single human in sight. To see a beautiful lake in a place like Delhi is a dream come true, my snapchat was filled with chaos: “where are you?”, “which place is this?” and so on. As well as plenty of scenic, beautiful pictures of the location. If you haven’t added me yet, go add me on snapchat to see my daily updates! username: Monalisha25. I would advise against going to this place in a small group because it’s not the safest place, it is a jungle after all! However, the place does look really beautiful; pros and cons I guess.

We trekked for 5 kilometers, the sun was almost setting. When we touched 7:30pm we had to step back and move to the bay as it was getting dark. We sat down for a little while on the river bank, the sunset was incredibly beautiful. We then made our way back to the car, which was parked at the main road. Overall, it was a beautiful experience to get so close to nature: which is something I crave for every now and then. My desire is to travel more than anything else in this world. Skybags gave me the perfect Backpack to solve my packing problems; problem solved.


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