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Upheave your winter basics

Fashion is one thing that keeps on changing constantly. The only way you can elevate your fashion game is by learning how to work well with your basics. To put it in simpler words, a casual chic outfit isn’t anything more than your every day clothes put together with a couple of fashionable elements.

However, in case you want your basics to deliver all of the versatility you would expect, it’s important to consider quality over quantity. This means it is better to have that one perfect dress/ turtleneck/ coat/ jeans instead of ten mediocre ones. When it comes to investment pieces, it is hugely important to make sure that whatever you pick- it fits you live a glove.

Like here, I have put together this look by simply using my basics and nothing more. I have worn this plain grey sweater with these boot-cut corduroy jeans. The pieces that I’ve put together, might look easy to work with but one can easily go wrong when styling such simple pieces as well. Make
sure you keep in mind the following points, in order to score that perfect #OOTD

Always tuck in your sweater, to make your outfit look more polished and put together. Use a belt, To define your waist better. You can play with the colors/prints/ when picking up the belt. After all, This is where your knowledge of trends come into play.

Pick the right bag and heels. For this look, I wanted it to be more casual and easy- therefore I have picked a bag pack instead of a sling to go with it and worn my pointed flats to complete the look. You can always dress up and dress down your basics, as per the occasion you’re dressing up for.

Always remember that, Once you have your basics covered, you will never have that ‘I have nothing to wear’ moment and getting dressed every time you’re heading out will be a lot easier.

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