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Time travelling with LGG6

Have been travelling a lot lately and for the first time i have done something absolutely crazy and insane and how! Haha dipped my new #LGG6 into the ice cold water just to test is the phone is really water proof? Let me tell you i am absolutely stunned to see the performance of this phone after having a refreshing ice cold bath in the spring water of the Hills.

Water proofing is not that it for this phone, I have tried Every feature to test how creative this phone can get. My favourite feature about this phone is 100% wide angle dual camera.

Taken some full length ootd picture on the grid mode camera shot and i am absolutely love with the four pictures of my ootd in one colour. It’s so instant and handy. We took few shots on the square camera mode where I could actually compare the first image with the picture I want to take next. This feature helps me to keep or delete the picture as soon as i take it.

I took a panorama shot while i was at one of the beautiful cafe during sunset and took some amazing pictures with the sunset clouds and the buildings.

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