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My visit to Meghalaya

To travel is to learn, to experience new adventures, to meet people, to reconnect with yourself, to challenge yourself, to witness new cultures, to find beauty in everything that comes your way, to be anonymous, to not look back and think what if? Which is why every time I get to travel a new place – I am filled with this new amount of zest and zeal that makes me want to work harder and travel more.

Visited the beautiful state of Meghalaya last month and Oh my god, everything about that place was just so pretty that I still haven’t gotten over the scenic views, sunsets, the waterfalls, and the huge pine trees.

In the first lap of our trip, we visited Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya – the city had so much to offer that one just couldn’t contain. From the picturesque sights to the holy grail traditions, everything could be found in abundance and that too on their purest form. The climate too was so so good, that one just couldn’t restrain gazing outdoors. The light blow of winds was accompanied by untimely drizzles which definitely made the entire experience of sipping coffee in the cold a lot more fun. Apart from the stunning weather, there were numerous waterfalls that could be located along the way. The exhilarating mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, breathtakingly beautiful golf courses, museums and the zoo are the key reasons why people visit Shillong. What adds to the beauty of this place is the people- everyone around is just so welcoming and warm that you’ll thoroughly enjoy becoming a part and living their culture with them. Interestingly, Shillong has a contemporary culture and also has a very young feel to it. Shillong definitely made it to the list of most serene hill stations for me and I just can’t wait to go back already.

In the second lap of the trip we made it to Cherrapunjee and for our stay, we were accommodated at the Polo Orchid Resort. The resort was stunning and offered a very cozy vibe to warm up amidst the hills, a perfect place to laze around and rejuvenate when in the lap of nature. It was a rustic-styled resort in a tranquil setting of lush green hills and offered stunning views. Most of the must-visits in the city were located in the neighboring areas of the resort itself. Thus, making it an ideal resort to book your stay in when traveling to Cherrapunjee. We even went biking in the hills. Haha, the entire experience was as adventurous as it sounds, it was equivalent to soaking in everything good along with the breeze that was flowing. *Ah, just so good*

It was a much-needed trip, a trip I needed after all those busy weeks of work and nothing else. I went on catching sunsets, chasing birds, gazing at the stars and breathing in fresh air. Did everything unusual and loved it. This trip was all about doing everything we don’t usually get to do when living the city life. Meghalaya truly is one of the most beautiful states in the northeast and it definitely should be on our travel list if you’re planning to travel anytime sooner.

That’s all from my Visit to Meghalaya! Let me know how are you enjoying these travel series going on the blog lately?

I’ll be back with another blog super soon until then you all stay happy! xx


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