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Straight out of a Bollywood movie?

Are you a hopeless romantic? If yes, I am sure you’ll feel me and even if you’re not- Hey hey! Don’t go! Keep reading… you might just take away some amazing fashion tips by the end of this blog.

For this particular blog, I am simply doing a breakdown of one of my most loved Indian wear look that I’ve ever curated and if you’re a hopeless romantic, you’ll definitely make out as to why this look qualifies ad my favourite. So keep reading…

Here, for this look. I’ve effortlessly styled this silk kurta that has this beautiful neckline. It’s a straight, mid-length kurta and I’ve styled it with these broad legged palazzo pants. Since the kurta is of a bright, deep red colour, I’ve opted for basic white pants just so I can balance out the entire look. Moving on – to dress up this look further, I am wearing this lovely neckpiece that has a hint of gold with stone detailing all over it. I have styled it with a similar gold tone earrings, that do not come in a set along with this beautiful neckpiece but look very much alike. You do not have to go and buy new pieces every time you have to head for a wedding/another function always try and work with the pieces that you already have with you.

Now onto my most favourite part, the HAIRSTYLE. Wearing a Gajra in my hair, is certainly one of my most relished, old school, Bollywood fantasies. I have literally fan girl-ed over each and every movie scene wherein the hero romantically makes the heroine wear the Gajra, thinking at the back of my mind that even I want it. Haha, ridiculous of me? I know right but but here I made it come true, all by myself. I’ve ditched the basic bun and went for a side braided bun in stead and to glam up my entire look, I’ve tied a Gajra around my hair. Totally digging the way it looks, what do you think?

Further, I am wearing these intricately threaded juttis as my footwear-comfortable yet beautiful, hence PERFECT.

For Makeup, I’ve went for a fully glammed Indian Makeup look. Wearing bright tones on my eyelids , with a hint of gold and this gorgeous deep red on my lips that compliments the colour of my outfit. I’ve gone a little overboard with the highlighter but that’s how I like it.

That’s it for this blog! Stay tuned for more such look breakdowns.

I’ll see you next time. xx


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