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Dungarees, Lee Jeans | Gingham shirt, Forever 21 | Shoes, Bong Diary | Hat, Accessorize | Lennon Glasses, Giant Vintage | Bag, Stalkbuylove

Photography : Bhuwan Gupta | Styling, Modelling & Concept : Monalisha Mahapatra

I have been obsessing a lot over fedoras lately and the urge to fill my closet with fedora’s has made me wander around different shops hunting for the best one, finally got hands on this one which I recently bought from Accessorize. If you have been following my blogs lately you must me aware of this that, i do a lot of denims and gingham. This season i stuffed my closet with mostly whites, blacks, greys, blacks and a lot of whites!! Ugh, i should stop writing about my spoilt habits now, as I am getting late and have to meet a friend who is coming back in Delhi after a month. I should get going now else I’ll sure be late. Scheduled this post now as I have to run, hope this post is up as I get back home.

Have an awesome day ahead and don’t forget to see my full day on snapchat : Monalisha25.

-Love Mona


Bare Mornings

LABEL KISS Crop Top, StalkBuyLove | Formal pants, Forever 21 | Animal Printed Clutch, Label Kiss Photography : Peyush Baranwal | Concept, Styling, Modelling : Monalisha Mahapatra I often do not realize the time during night hours while working…