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#PearlEdge – Adding fun to your boring weekends 

#PearlEdge – Adding fun to your boring weekends 

In today’s rush of events, it is getting exasperating to maintain the right balance between our work/college life and our passions. I, for one, have been juggling my whole life between my two passions – shoe designer and a fashion blogger. Moreover, when I was in my college years, these two interests of mine had little to zero recognition as appropriate career paths. Luckily for you guys, this is not the case anymore.

How, do you ask?
Well, with institutes like Pearl Academy, you can easily sort out your work and passion and happily lead a double life. *wink wink*

I’ve decided to talk about this as I recently had the opportunity to explore the new campus of Pearl Academy at Rajouri Garden. Needless to say, I spent the entire day reminiscing about my college days: the excitement to finish assignments, the group projects, the styling classes – all those flashbacks came standing right in front of me.

However, the thing that delighted me the most was a robust short-term programme offered by the institution called #PearlEdge – it included so many great courses from Fashion Styling to Contemporary Photography to the tips and hacks for being India’s next top model. The best part about this programme is that it offers weekend courses, so no matter how busy you are during the weekdays, you can follow your dreams on the weekends and reach your maximum potential. Exploring about these courses, interacting with the students and learning the new developments in the field of styling & designing encouraged me to recommended this to my younger fans who are looking for something productive over their weekends.

While I can talk about how awesome Pearl Edge is, there are certain USPs that it has for all –

1. Access to alumni Pearl meet and greet

2. Interactions and seminars with skilled industry experts

3. Opportunity to attend all ace-fashion shows

4. Access to state-of-the-art labs and library

5. Entrepreneurial skill development

And the list can go on and on! But instead of just reading it here, it’s time to make a move to register yourself as well.

FYI, if you are thinking these weekends courses would burn a hole in your pocket, think again. The fee for any course offered at Pearl Edge is INR 1,00,000 only. What are you waiting for? Get trained by the best minds of the industry and make those weekends productive! I mean I would love to see one of you being the next Atul Kasbekar or the next Carol Gracias.

So, wait no more! Explore the world of Pearl Edge with me now: