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If you have a beach vacation planned for anytime soon,  THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. 

If you haven’t bought a new swimsuit in a while and have been contemplating which one to buy, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. 

If you’re a water baby and love yourself some pool time (No matter what part of the world you’re in), THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. 

If you’re unsure about which website to hop onto and make your best purchase, THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU. 

This blog is a swimwear guide for girls with all body types- No matter petite of curvy! YES! Every girl deserves to feel and look her best in a swimsuit irrespective of her chicken legs or thunder thighs. This swimwear guide will show you which websites you can rely on to find the best swimsuit for your body, so that you can enjoy summer, knowing you look fab!


Shein is one of the most talked about online shopping portals, it has been the talk of the Fashion town for quite some time now and everyone seems to not get over it for another few years at least. Shein apart from its trendy clothes and footwear also sells some really cool swimsuits. Looking at the affordability, quality and of course, trendy prints and designs – SHEIN MAKES UP FOR ONE OF MY MOST FAVOURITE sites to shop from. Be it for petite or curvy girls- the website sells as low as XS and as high as 4-5XL

Here, check out some of my favourite pieces from Shein: 

Frills= Fun days

Shop this here

A neon state of mind

Shop this here

Feelin Tropical

Shop this here

Talking of swimwear’s H&M does some really quirky swimwear’s too. Especially for petite girls – there’s always a section of some really cool swimsuits with flattering fit and colors.

Here, check out some of my favourites

Print Play

Shop this here

Cut-out’s for the win

Shop this here

Cupshe is swimsuit heaven. Shopping on cupshe can be an overwhelming experience- there’s a pool of swimsuits to choose from. The designs are great, however, sizing can be a little hassle. Check size charts for each product individually and then make your choice in order to avoid any hassle.

Lacy dreams

Shop this here

Floral fun

Shop this here

Amante is one of my most loved places to shop swimwear from. Especially if you’re a petite girl, their swimwear’s fit like a glove, also they are comfortable. I am a huge fan of their swimwear range, though it’s a little pricy it’s great and value for money. Here check out my picks.

Tan Mode: ON

Shop this here

BEACH Peach Bum

Shop this here

Marks & Spencers have a pretty decent collection of swimwear too. Not like you’ll always find something of your choice, but you never know sometimes just a few options might click. Drop by your nearest store to explore better and decide for yourself. You can also check out Marks and Spencer’s Swimwear Collection on Amazon and Myntra

That’s it for this blog, Until next time! LOTS OF LOVE

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