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Straight out of a Bollywood movie?

Are you a hopeless romantic? If yes, I am sure you’ll feel me and even if you’re not- Hey hey! Don’t go! Keep reading… you might just take away some amazing fashion tips by the end of this blog.

For this particular blog, I am simply doing a breakdown of one of my most loved Indian wear look that I’ve ever curated and if you’re a hopeless romantic, you’ll definitely make out as to why this look qualifies ad my favourite. So keep reading…

Kurta & Pants: Fbb Online, Earrings: Voylla, Hand Accessories: Ali Express, Footwear: Fizzy Golbet, Rings: Forever21

Here, for this look. I’ve effortlessly styled this silk kurta that has this beautiful neckline. It’s a straight, mid-length kurta and I’ve styled it with these broad legged palazzo pants. Since the kurta is of a bright, deep red colour, I’ve opted for basic white pants just so I can balance out the entire look. Moving on – to dress up this look further, I am wearing this lovely neckpiece that has a hint of gold with stone detailing all over it. I have styled it with a similar gold tone earrings, that do not come in a set along with this beautiful neckpiece but look very much alike. You do not have to go and buy new pieces every time you have to head for a wedding/another function always try and work with the pieces that you already have with you.

Now onto my most favourite part, the HAIRSTYLE. Wearing a Gajra in my hair, is certainly one of my most relished, old school, Bollywood fantasies. I have literally fan girl-ed over each and every movie scene wherein the hero romantically makes the heroine wear the Gajra, thinking at the back of my mind that even I want it. Haha, ridiculous of me? I know right but but here I made it come true, all by myself. I’ve ditched the basic bun and went for a side braided bun in stead and to glam up my entire look, I’ve tied a Gajra around my hair. Totally digging the way it looks, what do you think?

Further, I am wearing these intricately threaded juttis as my footwear-comfortable yet beautiful, hence PERFECT.

For Makeup, I’ve went for a fully glammed Indian Makeup look. Wearing bright tones on my eyelids , with a hint of gold and this gorgeous deep red on my lips that compliments the colour of my outfit. I’ve gone a little overboard with the highlighter but that’s how I like it.

That’s it for this blog! Stay tuned for more such look breakdowns.

I’ll see you next time. xx

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    April 16, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    Lovely pictures.

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