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Silk Brocade dress, Cameron Kham | Print dress, Cameron Kham
Photography: Mohit Hambiria | Modelling, Styling, Editing and Creative Direction: MonalishaMahapatra
Since I was a little child I had this urge to become a Lil princess like they used to show in these Disney flicks, with all those rose tinted glasses, beautiful flowy gown in silk and bugle beads, and especially that crystal shoe which incredibly changed the life of our so-called princesses Cinderella, that story was one of a kind isn’t it ? 

In this modern life, how can I really get to change my life with a shoe even if  I want to become 1% of Cinderella story? But when you get dress’s straight away from Paris your life will definitely gonna change, that’s the only thing I could think of when Cameron’s team and I had agreed to this collaboration.
These beautiful silk brocade dress from Cameraon Kham has given me a chance to live up to my own fairyland, which didn’t need any kind of extra effort to style and the idea behind this blog post was to create a story of my own wish list to just live up to my own fairytale excluding any prince charming or any shoe which I suppose can’t change my life as a person or should I say as a blogger and a model haha.

Being a 23 year old girl I always urge to work hard to make every day look like it’s my last day and that’s how I am living a beautiful mess in these silk dress for the sake of my own modern fairyland and since its been just a month as a blogger I can’t ask for anything more than that of a collaboration with super fine designer dress straight away from France. 
-Love Mona

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