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Top Zara Organic Cotton, Overalls Lee Jeans, Earrings Thrifted
While shooting I had only one thing in my mind My body, “skinny”  is the word for me. “Skinny” Something a lot of girls want to be, also vividly  known as perfection in a mass, but again not to me. No matter how thin some girls get, they will never be happy with their weight. The quest for “skinny”  is something, I feel is lacking, sometimes I wonder why can’t  I just stay comfortable is my own body ?
While creating this look I was just concentrating on my body, how  well it responds to me, to my reflexes, to this simply crafted beautiful aura of nature. Sometimes I don’t really get comfortable with my own self and as a Human, I don’t have a precise answer for this word “Why”, free yourself just breathe without any fuss and dance with it, let it go.
The overall trend is a descriptive parameter for the trend slope over the whole period studied. Farmers really had it together before any of us these are big comebacks though Overalls or Dungarees  are perhaps the most versatile of transition items that’s trending in our so-called Fashion World.
Love Mona


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