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Nomadic Feet

greyhalfway , #monalisha #skating duck #koovs (3)

greyhalfway , #monalisha #skating duck #koovs (8)

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greyhalfway , #monalisha #skating duck #koovs (10)

greyhalfway , #monalisha #skating duck #koovs (9)


Top, Sarojani Nagar | Distressed Denims, Bhane | Shoes, Skating Duck | Bag, Lavie

 Photography: Bhuwan Gupta | Styling, Editing, Modelling: Monalisha Mahapatra

Travelling from the same road again and again almost every passing day giving a slight glance to every little thing possible while the lights turn red for a few fraction of seconds has become a daily ‘’to do’’ thing nowadays. Even though it’s not mandatory to stop at the same red light each day but whenever I get a chance to calm my car down at the red light, filled with honking cars and rushing motorcycles I do nothing but to look around my surroundings, make snapchat (monalisha25) videos, put on some lipstick may be, at times you might find me dancing on the current playlist, apart from all these I look out if I can find a new location for a shoot.

That’s how I stepped into this beautiful location while driving my way back home from saket to dwarka, trust me I was wearing this whole look the full day and we shot few images here just after having those spicy golgappas! I had to put on my lipstick again, though. We had a little hard time shooting at this location due to the dust particles on the ground as I was wearing black shoes and they almost turned brown the very moment i stepped out and not just that the struggle to create something has its own time, so we came across to some tiny bunch of street dogs (trust me a bunch of street dogs and the furious ones, not the one you see on my snapchat stories), they were constantly barking at us while we were going towards the bamboo stands as if we were thief’s? Do I look like a thief, just because I am wearing stripes haha! Jokes apart I have a soft corner for stripes I have noticed everyone does.

Every post which goes up on my blog has a story to tell and I’ll probably write it down each and every time now, hope you enjoyed my traffic story. Tell me yours I’ll be happy to read what you do while you are in traffic? Comment here may be we can probably have a good read or laugh about each other’s vision.



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