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My Skin Care Routine

As much as we love to do our makeup with all the paints and glitters, we should take care of our skin as well! Right?
I clearly remember my pimple popping skin when I was 18, it shook my head so bad that I used to cry at times, but you know¬†what? This shall pass and you won’t even look back. We all go through a lot of breakouts when we are stepping into adulthood, take a deep breath and let it go. Calm yourself down and worry not.

I have managed to take care of my skin out of those breakouts from past few years, and all you need is the right fit for your skin, it’s actually your soulmate or skinmate ūüėõ ( That’s not even a word ).

My Skin Type:
My skin is super sensitive and was very prone to protruding a pimple, also I have my blue veins going on all over my face and body, That makes my skin super fine and thin, because of all those veins coming out and saying hello to everyone on there face, you can actually look at me and think I might be on some drugs or whatsoever which I am not LOL.

Moving on straight into my daily skincare routine without wasting any more of your time.
( following are the products and things I have discovered with a lot of trial and error on a lot of products ).

Morning Routine:

  1. First thing first, get up brush your teeth, wash your face and take a bath.
  2. Currently, I am using Tea Tree Facial Wash by Body shop, it’s a very mild fash wash works best for sensitive skin like mine. If you are looking at similar results at a low price, Himalaya Neem Face wash also works best for my skin type, but it laters too much so I don’t¬†use this one that often.
  3. After washing my face I apply a good amount of White Seed Brightening serum from¬†The Face Shop, this product worked wonders on my skin ever since I have started using it.¬†And that’s all I do every morning.
  4. Also, I refrain from having oily food, I strictly do not eat oily food or too spicy food and always carry my water bottle wherever I go. Food definitely plays a lot of role in your skin, so make sure to stress more on healthy food rather than oily or too much of junk.

Night Routine:

  1. Before going to bed I always make sure to remove my makeup, even if I just had a lip balm on!!! With Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water, Always make sure to remove any foreign product on your face before going to bed. The best part about this cleanser is its anti-perfume and that does not irritate my skin.
  2. Then again I wash my face with Tea Tree Facial Wash by Body shop.
  3. Thereafter I use few drops of  Tea Tree Oil by Body Shop on my face and let it set for some time.
  4. Second Last step is to hydrate my skin with The Faceshop Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Cream. You can read more about face shop in my previous post.
  5. Last but not the least I take a good amount of Vaseline Petroleum jelly and apply all over my lips and hands and then go to sleep.

All the products mentioned in the post are NON SPONSERED and are easily available on, and On Myntra. etc.

Hope you liked my daily skincare ritual.
Let me know in the comments below what do you think, I would love to know what’s your favorite product that you use daily?


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