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My first time in Andaman | Travel on a budget

Beach days= Best Days! Don’t you agree? 

I recently visited the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and I’ve been in a Tropical state of mind ever since. 

A lot of y’all were curious and wanted to know if it was a sponsored trip or if I was visiting Andaman with a tourism board so here I am with all the answers. No guys, I wasn’t there with a tourism board or it wasn’t a sponsored trip, I paid for this entire trip by my own, from my own pocket and the best part is that we traveled on a budget. We didn’t book any luxurious stays or indulged in any five-star experiences. We traveled on a limited budget like other budget travelers and it was such a fun experience. I’ll be talking you through my entire trip in detail so that even you can get hold of everything and can plan a trip to Andaman all by yourselves.

To reach Andaman we took a flight from New Delhi to Port Blair, it had a layover of around 35 minutes in Chennai and it cost us ₹17,000 for a Round trip from Delhi to Andaman and vice versa.

Top: Forever21 | Bag: Carlton London | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Chalk Studios | Luggage bag: Singapore flea market

Port Blair is a stopover or a changing point for most of the tourists coming to visit the Andaman Islands. It is totally up to you if you want to stay back in Port Blair or continue your journey further.

We didn’t want to stay back in Port Blair so we straight away took the Ferry to Havelock Islands which cost us ₹2,500. There are two types of ferry – the Government and the Private ones. The private ones are a little too pricey. However, make it a point to pre-book everything in advance. After sailing for about 2.5 hours we finally reached our final destination The Havelock Islands and checked into our hotel The Gold India beach Resort. It was a pretty decent 3-star resort since we were traveling on a budget. This was the best we could fetch.

Since our entire day, had gone into traveling. We didn’t do much on our first day, just sat at the beach and enjoyed a beautifully calm sunset.

Also since the city isn’t well developed yet, we had a really tough time finding Internet/WIFI throughout our trip. Also, the entire city closes at 5/6pm max, so you’ll hardly see anybody on the streets after the sunset. Do keep both these points in mind, if you’re willing to travel.

We went to bed quite early on Day-1, since we were extremely exhausted with all the long hours of Travel.

On Day-2, 

We went to Radhanagar Beach, it is amongst the seven most beautiful beaches in the world.

Swimsuit: H&M | Sarong: Swarovski | Footwear and Accessories: Forever21 | Sunglasses: Ali Express | Bag: Shein

Radhanagar beach is everything you have dreamt of when you picture yourself having that perfect beach vacation. White sand, emerald blue waves and Ocean Breeze. It offers one of the most beautiful sceneries ever.

We had lunch at a local restaurant at the beach itself- The restaurant served some amazing Bengali food. I relished some yummy fish and after feeding our bellies with some much-needed food we shot some really cool pictures at the beach itself.

After clicking pictures we sat by the beach and watched the most breathtaking sunset ever. After the sunset, We took a little walk at the beach and went back to our hotel.

Day-3 , was THE DAY! 

We got up early and left our Hotel for one of the best experiences of our lives  **SCUBA DIVING** (screams with joy)

Scuba Diving in Andaman takes place at the Govindpuri beach and the Neer Reef

We were given a 15 minutes Training session, wherein the expert explained to us all the key rules. Once we were through with the training session, we went for the main scuba diving experience, the duration for which was 1 hour. We paid ₹3500/ person for Scuba Diving which was Inclusive of the gear and the Underwater Photos/Videos that they shot of us. Scuba diving in Andamans is a unique, lifetime experience -large coral reefs, an assortment of marine life and the calm blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. Definitely, a must try if you’re visiting Andaman.

During the evening, we went to explore the Kalapathar beach, this beach takes its name from the stone structures on the beach. It is a small but charming beach in Havelock Island. This stunning beach has golden sand beds and turquoise blue water. This beach is less crowded hence we managed to get some really beautiful pictures here. 

Dress: Zara| Bag: Ali Express | Sunglasses: Charles & Keith | Earrings: H&M | Footwear: Carlton London | Accessories: Forever21 

This was it for Day-3, scuba diving was truly an overwhelming experience. I honestly enjoyed a lot while I was at it and that feeling is engraved within me for the rest of my life. 

Dress and Bag: ZARA | Sunglasses: Charles and Keith | Necklace: Vajor | Rings: Forever21

Throughout our stay in Havelock, We mainly stopped by these cafes called The Seashells and The Golden Spoon, for food, because these were the only cafes serving pretty decent vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food under one roof. Also, just in case you’re looking for Wifi- The Golden Spoon was one of the only cafes with a relatively Functional WIFI

We even tried this cafe named Anju Coco and it served some yummy chicken curry- (wish I could have more of it.)

Also, since this was our last day in Havelock islands, we packed our bags and slept timely.

On Day-4, we took the ferry departing from the Phoenix Bay jetty to Neil Islands. We took the morning ferry that departed at 9:30 am and it took us approximately 1 hour to reach the Neil Islands. 

We checked into our hotel, The Tango beach resort which was Located at the Lakshmanpur beach– it was again a three-star property and our room here was pretty decent – it had all the regular amenities.

After checking in we rested in the room for a while and later went on to explore the Lakshmanpur beach. While we were at the beach we decided to go Snorkelling but since the water was dirty- it was closed hence we decided to go to the Natural coral beach

This beach had a Naturally built coral bridge- which looked extremely magnificent. Though it is an extremely crowded- tourist spot during the peak season but one should definitely check it out. We spotted all sorts of corals the sea-cucumber, starfish, even saw small -little crabs and a variety of colorful fishes.

Dress: Zara| Bag, Footwear, Sunglasses: Charles & Keith | Earrings: H&M | Accessories: Sarojini Nagar

We clicked a couple of pictures at the beach, played music by ourselves and had a really good time. We later came back to our hotel and enjoyed the sunset at the Lakshmanpur beach itself. 

After this, we headed for dinner at the Seashell’s restaurant and ordered ourselves some much-needed food.

Since we were in Neil Islands only for a day- we made sure we made the most of it and after exploring and moving around for an entire day, we finally went back to sleep sometime around 12:30 ish. 

On Day-5, We started our day with snorkeling and later boarded the 11:00 am a ferry and headed back to Port Blair– this was officially our last full day from this extremely fun trip. On arrival, we checked into our last hotel- The Blue Mmarlin.

There’s nothing much you can do in Port Blair, hence we decided to chill and unwind one last time before getting back to the grind. We went to the Corbyn cove beach, casually sat there- took some pictures and soaked in each and every experience that we gained throughout the trip and later we went to watch a movie at the Paradise Multiplex that was a few minutes away from our hotel.

Top & Shorts: ZARA | Shirt: Sarojini Nagar | Bag and Sunglasses: Ali Express | Footwear: Charles & Keith

People generally visit the Central jail, but we decided to skip on it. However, in case you want- there are cab facilities available that charge you ₹1500 for an entire city tour- wherein they make you explore each and every tourist spot in Port Blair.

After watching the Movie, we came back to our room, packed our stuff and were ready to head back to Delhi with a heart full of memories.

On Day-6 , we had our breakfast and headed towards the airport.

That’s all from my trip to Andaman, we truly had a remarkable time. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog if you did – do not forget to comment down below and let me know. Also, share this blog with someone you know who’s traveling to Andaman or is planning to travel anytime soon.

Until next time , LOTS OF LOVE!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (monalishamahapatra_) and catch up with everything in real time.

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