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Motifs and Colours

Dreams doesn’t work unless you work for it.
I have been procrastinating a lot lately and travelling as well. Did not get the amount of time to create something powerful in the longest time. I enjoy creating something different, sometimes something absolutely soothing without any flaw.

But we all let ourselves down sometimes and that’s absolutely okay!
Give yourself some time and think and sit and start working again! You will disappoint yourself once, twice, or thrice but when it comes to the fourth time you will succeed.
Believe in yourself and breathe in and breathe out. A note to self, just incase you also need it today.

Lately i have been fascinated by the structures around me and been wanting to shoot at this location for a while now. Almost took me three days to inspect this location!

Jantar Mantar is one of the beautiful structures in the world and we thought of shooting this beautiful piece from Rajdeep Ranawat here. We had a limited space to shoot at this architecture, as there were some renovation going on. The Shirt dress has some beautiful motifs printed on the sleeves and the bottom line also to add a bit of elegance there are pearls attached all over the bottom line.

The collection has been split into multiple themes based on the usage of various motifs and colours and named after the six heritage cities of Rajasthan; that are Kota, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Samode and Jaipur. Rich silk based fabrics, embellished with genuine crystal from Swarovski compliment the design elegance of The Palace and assist each garment in narrating a story of their own, as they mesmerize you into a time where kings, kingdom and a very colorful culture thrived.

Rajdeep Ranawat

Dress Rajdeep Ranawat

Photography,| Modeling, Editing & Styling, Monalisha Mahapatra

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