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Monochrome Numbness


Photography: Tanu Nejagal  | Creative Direction, Modelling: Monalisha Mahapatra


Your eyes they speak novel to me, let them be your voice and ill put tune in them she said. Featuring Tanu’s Photography  whatever I am today or I hope to be is because of this women, my little journey of creating some Fine art in this wide niche has begun with her trust and a fulfilling faith in both of us and to become her absolute art.I had become an absolute muse for her work just like she was for my beautifully crafted photographs, this woman has given me a direction, which many people have dreamt of or still dreaming for.Now I can say Don’t just wait for the right moment, a moment will never be right it’s you who you have to be right  for.


To be continued, loads of upload from Tanu and Mona Stay tuned.


– Love Mona

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