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Lost and found

Quirky Heart shirt 99Hunts, Denim Dungaree Dress Tommy Hilfiger (Similar), Nerdy Glasses Propshop24, Rings Local Market, Pink Socks Lifestyle stores, Holographic Shoes Label Monalisha, Aztec Bag Shaun Design, Love earring, Accessorize India. 
Maybelline New Lasting Drama Gel Liner, O1, Black | Maybelline Super Stay, Non Stop Red | Faces Nail Enamel, 14 White O White
 Modelling, Styling, Editing and Creative Direction: MonalishaMahapatra
Ever thought of this that someday you woke up, in the morning freshen up, get ready and do your Favorite work i.e., reading your favorite old book or going through your work you saved last night on your laptop before going to sleep? 
What if everything you wanted to do this morning or you were willing to do is lost and is out of your reach, you just can’t find the goddamn thing?
What will you do about the fact that the thing is no more there with you? I am only being materialistic here may be but just wanted to know, how it feels, when the thing you love the most is lost or is not there.
So why am I blabbering about this lost and found is because I lost my most precious thing, while shooting this most chilled out look ever. I was so happy this morning that I had completely no idea that I was shooting for the blog and it was the most chilled out shoots I ever did till date be it in blogging or in modeling that you can certainly see in the picture.
So I had lost most of my work, guess what someone stole my laptop and yes I am sad and helpless about it, the fact that my materialistic machine is not there breaks my heart so much that it’s barely fixable, you know why? Because we are in this so-called 21st century and our memories are under the control of these electronic devices. Gone are the days when we used to say, Hey! say cheese I am pressing the camera button and you will be frozen in the film.
And this thing happened with me a few days back when I was shooting for this look, had said a lot haha, though the despair would not stop until I get back my previous workbooks.
Anyway As a denim dungaree fan, I thought of doing another look on dungaree series, a different one which I did earlier on skinny love but this time did a super cool old school quirky girl look, as I was asked to do a cute and fun to do look  by many readers of my blog. So I have teamed this super cool heart printed white shirt from 99hunts with a denim overall dress with two cute loose braids. Holographic shoes, Pink socks, and this Aztec bag add extra cuteness to this look. 
Those super chic and girly must have nerdy Glasses are from Propshop24 add up the jazz in this outfit post.
Hope you guys like the look and try on this season and tag me by @greyhalfway on your Instagram’s as well. There is a giveaway happening on the Instagram and Facebook participate and win yourself a super boho anklet from my wardrobe. 
Always love checking your feedback’s, let me know what all you want to see in here, I’ll make sure I’ll ease your way to style your daily looks.
-Love  Mona

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