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Pastels are the go-to shades this summer, opt for light nude shades of pink and brown. The softness of Pastels will keep you light and in trend. This is the perfect summer outfit color choice for this season. Trust me when I say that, ‘Pastel is the new black’.

Now that you’ve heard me raving about pastels and nude trend. Here’s a very fun and girly look that I created sometime back. 

For this look, I’ve opted for a pastel pink dress, that is not just summery in color but is also a delightful daywear

I absolutely love the delicate black and white patchwork happening on the sides. It’s dainty and summer appropriate. The flowers add to the summer mood and feel. 

I’ve added a Red belt bag around my waist because it makes any outfit instantly look cooler. Also, this bright red adds a pop of color to the plain pastel canvas. This sleek leather belt bag defines the waist and also helps one skip on the hassle of carrying a bag around their neck/in their hand. I love the overall pattern and buckle detailing on the bag.

Dress: Posh Pride | Bag: ZARA | Shoes: Nike

Last but not least, I’ve styled it with my sneakers, my basic, everyday basic sneakers. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I can certainly live in these. Moreover, all a simple yet fun dress like this one requires to go from morning to noon to night is a simple footwear swap- Start with sneakers, change into loafers, then throw on some heels, depending upon your mood or final destination. One can throw on a denim jacket during the evening as the day gets slightly cooler or a blazer while you’re working at the office.

Also, can we please take a moment and appreciate my makeup. I’ve managed to do a very summer-friendly look here. Have gone for a simple pink-brownish blend on my eyelids along with this really beautiful soft pink lip shade.

That’s about it for this look. Tag me in your pictures if you adapt to this trend and put together a similar look anytime soon. 

I’ll see you guys next time! XOXO

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