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How i packed for my travel

I’m still not sure what compelled me to buy a suitcase in the first place. You see that absolutely colorful suitcase’s on Pinterest with hashtags #AirportLook or #TravelOutfit? May be that forced me to buy this suitcase and pack my stuff and leave or may be just the comfort that it very very handy.

There is a vast difference between traveling with a suitcase & backpack. What you should reach for when it’s time to pack up your belongings can differ depending on the trip and what you’re looking for in a bag.

Though most people tend to have a preference toward one, I actually split most of my travel alternating between a suitcase and a backpack. If you’re looking for something that offers maximum mobility backpacks might be your best for your short trips here and near but there’s something much more a suitcase can provide.

I had no choice but to choose American Tourister bags because I absolutely love this brand and since I was young I have been relying on to this company for almost all of my travel bags!
In short, there are significant advantages and drawbacks to each type of luggage.

There was a whole slew of benefits suitcases provide that I never realized I was missing out on.

■ Weight Relief

Significant weight change! that’s one of the first things I have noticed. Instead of having it relegated to your back, it’s now relegated at your feet and often to your hands. The biggest difference is that it relieves pressure off your back — perfect for a particular oldie who has trouble carrying a lot of being on the back and stretching a muscle, apparently.

■ Better Protection

It’s not like that the backpacks don’t provide protection. But when you go out on to that custom checking and weighing the luggage, oh, boy, you’ll feel like you can really throw that stuff around, Well no kidding. Though I’m not going to take out a sledgehammer and start testing it on my American Tourister bag anytime soon there’s a definite sense it can sustain significantly more wear and tear than my backpack.

At the very least, my belongings inside my suitcase seem better protected than with my backpack while traveling in flights, have you witnessed how they throw your bags on the running strap? OMG Why Lord! That my new bag :(. Small packages and boxes tend especially the gifts you get and buy for your family and friends are safer inside that trolley also they tend to get bent or out of shape with the latter; this happens less so with a suitcase. Though I wouldn’t do it unless I had to do it, I would rather check my DSLR in a suitcase than check it in my backpack but I kept it with me while traveling in the flights and everywhere.

■ Easier Access

You have lie-flat access with a suitcase, letting you get your hands on everything at once. It’s amazing. I no longer have to dig around my daytime clothes just to get to my pajamas.

■ Mess Containment

Cause a suitcase is pretty much just a travel box, it’s much easier to shove everything in there and just zip it up. Instead of spreading my junk all over the bed, I can toss it in the suitcase with very little issue and my inner neat freak can ignore how unorganized it is until I unpack or open the suitcase. That is until I open it back up again.

■ Work Travel

Though this clearly depends on the work that you do, suitcases are much better suited for more formal engagements and especially when you are flying. This has nothing to do looking cool or just stylish, but also to have a handy closet with you wherever you go. I had so much stuff while I was returning back from Malaysia, so many gifts from Malaysian tourism board that I had to literally sit on my suitcase and stuff my bag with anything! And all of it made it to India! Haha, and I am so so happy about it.

I’ve carried almost everything, shoes, bags, perfumes, sunglasses and dresses in a clothes bag with a backpack strapped to me before but I always find I’m constantly worrying about wrinkling clothes I pressed the night before.

Though most people suggest rolling your clothes to have more suitcase space and keeping them wrinkle-free, I don’t do this. My clothes always end up somewhat mangled if I do that, which means I’ve got to carry on a travel iron or just lay them flat on it ever happening in the first place. But the best part has i just let my clothes be all flat and do not carry an iron with me! It saves a lot of places! Also, Suitcases do a much better job of transporting your pressed clothes.

Besides, the last thing I want to worry about is my clothes when I’m trying to literarily get ready in 15 minutes and leave without even worrying a single minute when my clothes are ironed or not!

American Tourister 

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