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Five monsoon must-haves

Monsoon is at its peak and For the past few weeks, the rain has been pouring nonstop. I am not too sure if I love monsoon or not but I definitely don’t hate it (however, the only thing that I really hate- “HATE” in the aftermath- the never-ending traffic due to waterlogging on the streets).

With rain gods being too generous daily commute to work and college can be quite a task therefore I’ve have put together a list of monsoon essentials to help ease your already demanding state.

Water-proof makeup

How is it like to enter your office with a face full of Smudged makeup? Your eyeliner smudged all over your eye and kajal adding to your already evident dark circles? Not a good sight- isn’t it?

Try and avoid wearing too much makeup during the monsoon. But if you have to, use waterproof makeup to avoid your makeup running down your face when it rains.

Hand sanitizers

Stalk up on a hand sanitizer and always make sure to carry it with you in your handbag. Monsoons result in multiplication of germs & bacteria in the atmosphere often resulting in water-borne diseases and since carrying a hand wash/ soap anywhere and everywhere and washing hands at any given time is certainly not possible, hand sanitizers come in handy to help you get rid of those germs and bacterias.

A plastic phone case

Your smartphone can be vulnerable to the unpredictable changing weather. It is necessary to keep it protected and a plastic phone case serves the purpose. These plastic cases wrap around your phone and protect them from the worst of impact accidents. 

I know it’s not the best buy considering the harmful impact of plastic on mother nature but it’s definitely a better alternative to plastic poly bags that people reach out for when the rain falls.

Tea Tree Oil

Switch to products containing TEA TREE OIL Our skin and hair during monsoon aren’t honestly the best. Be it itchy scalp, oily skin, excessive breakouts-Tea tree oil helps prevent them all. For instance, Tea tree oil contains elements such as benzoyl peroxide which helps in fighting acne and also helps reduce the sebum production by the skin. Not just this, there are many other benefits tree tea oil offers. Invest in some good quality products and see the change.

Flip flops/ Gumboots/ Crocs

These are the best pair of shoes to be worn in monsoon. Flip-flops are the best option to go as they are firm and durable ensuring smooth walk on slippery roads minus hassle. If you can’t wear them to the office- at least keep a pair with you handy in your car/ office cupboard – just in case your shoes get drenched.

This is all you guys, I’ll see you next time. Until then enjoy monsoon with some homemade pakoras and tee. XOXO

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