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Five Instagram tools to amp up your feed

With Instagram being a source of income to many, I am sure most of us are trying to up our Instagram game every now and then. Believe it or not- A huge part of successful Instagram marketing is having a drool-worthy, beautiful Instagram feed and trust me achieving the same is way easier than you think. YOU JUST NEED TO BE AN APP-HOLIC (If that’s a word :P)

Listing down 5 accompanying apps for Instagram that can help you up your Instagram feed and business.


Ever looked at a well-curated Instagram feed and wished to achieve one all by yourself too? Yes, you can do that in a jiffy and no I am not kidding.  IT’S EASY!

Preview is an app that helps you plan, schedule and repost images with ease. Not just this, you can also save your captions and hashtags and copy into your Instagram caption field when posting. It automatically loads all the previous grid images from Instagram allowing you to easily decide how to plan and bring together your feed further.

As a bonus, it also has all the standard image editing tools including crop, sharpen, white/brighten, etc.- HOW COOL ISN’T IT? I love planning my feed in advance in case I know I have a lot of travels coming and I am aware that’ll I’ll have to manage to do everything in a knick of time.


This app is going to be your go-to if you’re a sucker for well put together, beautified- aesthetically pleasing Instagram stories. This app comprises of a wide range of Instagram story templates that come in handy when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd of save time. It’s simple to use, just find a template you like, add some pictures or videos, choose a font you like- write your text and you’re good to go. I use this app a lot and I really really like it.


It is an amazing video text editing app. With the help of hype type, you can add some animated text to a picture and save it and use it in conjunction with other apps. I mostly use it for making the cover of my IGTV videos. It looks super aesthetic. Do give it a try.


Editing pictures with VSCO is therapeutic. It has a wide range of filters (some paid/ others unpaid) but the fact that it has a filter for every mood makes it more fun to use. Also, the fact that it’s pretty simple and even a layman can use it to the best of its potential makes it more fun. However, I rarely use the filters at full strength. I usually tweak the strength as per my liking. I also like my pictures a little grainy, so I often top it up to their grain film option. Also, I use Lightroom to edit the exposure, shadows, and lights in my pictures majorly. You can refer to a couple of YouTube tutorials already there on the net in order to learn how to go about it.


Is editing videos on phone an alien concept to you? Well, no more. InShot is a brilliant app – you can not just edit videos using it, in fact, add music, add voice overs, make thumbnails and whatnot. It is a free app and I majorly use it to edit my IGTV Videos. It is a great app- simple, quick and intuitive to use. One must try it.

That’s all you guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I loved writing it for you. 

I’ll see you next, until then. Hakuna Matata

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