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Embroidered whimsical

Last blogs were just about embroidery so is this one. I am absolutely Following the embroidery trend. I like the use of embroidered appliques which have much more depth to them, than patterned fabric. The stitched flowers and textiles are nearly three-dimensional and really catch the light, showing off their exquisite detailing. Introducing an amazing yet quirky piece from Rajdeep Ranawat on this blog, which we shot around the working sites of Delhi nearly over a month ago. We drove by some quirky little area’s near our house and found a heard of giant rollers which were used to coiled huge tubes. And that turned out to be the best location for this beige outfit curated by Rajdeep Ranawat from his Palace collection.

Embroidered details inspire a tension between tough and whimsical, intricate stitching techniques that ultimately upgraded many of the pieces. This year this artful trend is making a fierce comeback! Embroidery is something that has been around a long time. In fact it is something that can be traced all the way back to the Iron Age of human civilization! Exploring and capturing the surviving motifs and elegant colour schemes from these, Rajdeep Ranawat brings to you a collection with a fresh take on the vintage wall arts of The Palaces. His collection is an amalgamation of the old design with a twist of the very modern applications.

The collection has been split into multiple themes based on the usage of various motifs and colours and named after the six heritage cities of Rajasthan; that are Kota, Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Samode and Jaipur. Rich silk based fabrics, embellished with genuine crystal from Swarovski compliment the design elegance of The Palace and assist each garment in narrating a story of their own, as they mesmerize you into a time where kings, kingdom and a very colorful culture thrived.

Rajdeep Ranawat

The Palace, Kota – Net Cape, Rajdeep Ranawat

Photography, Naman Verma | Modeling, Editing & Styling, Monalisha Mahapatra

It’s a task to shoot at outdoor locations because there are too many people watching you and passing by, But you gotta do what you gotta do. Hope you loved the post as much as we loved creating this beautiful set.

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