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Travel Checklist | What’s in my travel bag

Currently living life out of suitcases, because your girl has been traveling one place to the other for over a month now. Not sure, if I’ve mastered the art of traveling light yet but I definitely know the couple of things that I need to take along. No matter which place I am taking my next flight to, my carry-on packing routine is nearly the same (almost ALWAYS). I ensure I have all the travel essentials in my bag and whatever I need to stay comfortable and prepared. Whenever I am traveling, I like to make sure I have what I need for my trip, to make it easier on me and to avoid last-minute purchases.

I am aware that there is a fine line between being fully prepared with the right travel essentials and overpacking- therefore I always make it a point to pack systematically. Listing down some of my must-have travel essentials that might come in handy if you’re deciding what to pack for your next travel.

First things first- NECK PILLOW. A neck pillow is a must if you’re going to travel a lot and unable to get restful sleep. It will come in handy during long hours of travel- be it during long flights, bus rides, or train excursions )basically anywhere and everywhere) you’re ready to have a nap while upright.

Second thing, but also very important A POWER BANK. Since you’ll always be on the go- it is important to ensure that you have a backup for every time your phone runs out of battery. 

You might need your phone at every step- be it for clicking pictures/ connecting with your friends and family/ Keeping a track on the GPS. Thus, you need to ensure that your phone battery is always in place.

If you’re traveling solo or trying to get that perfectly timed shot with all your travel mates in one frame- a TRIPOD is what you need. You can use it with both a phone/camera. Just make sure that the tripod you’re investing in is sturdy, lightweight and can hold both your camera and phone perfectly.

First Aid kit, nothing major or fancy- just a basic kit with all the medicines that can help you get through small injuries or illness. If you often face travel sickness, Do not forget to keep Hajmola in the kit too.

Washing hair amidst all the travel madness can take away a considerable amount of your effort and time, therefore to save you from both- always make sure to carry a handy dandy travel size DRY SHAMPOO with you in your beauty kit.

Oh, c’ mon, we’re Indians and food is our lifeline. Traveling for longer periods can always make you miss “GHAR KA KHANA”. In order to fill that void, always make it a habit to carry some instant ready food packages. I personally love binging on Haldiram’s minute khana options.

Amidst all the toiletries, creams and beauty products that you carry- do not forget to carry a lip balm, mouth wash, and wet wipes. These three products can instantly make you feel fresh every time you feel lethargic.

When traveling, it’s always smart to carry a small diary and a pen along- this can help you keep account of your expenses or anything in general.

In terms of clothing, I always plan my outfits in advance and click pictures making sets of clothes- jewelry- bag- footwear that I am planning to style together so that I do not forget/ end up packing anything extra- considering I’ll decide what to wear once I reach. No, it doesn’t work like that. In order to travel light- you need to plan ahead. I always try and pick staples/ pieces that can be styled in more than one way.

Travel is equivalent to walking for hours and Nothing compares to comfy shoes at this stage. A comfy pair of shoes will allow you to move around and explore every corner of the city you’re in and unleash the wanderer in you.

Electronics- this is the only thing that occupies most of my space and I still can not cut down on it. My laptop, camera, Go-pro, batteries, memory cards and chargers are my biggest essentials. NO CONTENT CREATOR CAN EVER TRAVEL WITHOUT THEM. If you’re one, I feel you.

That is all for what’s in my travel bag! Now You tell me, what’s in your travel bag? I hope you found some of my items and tips helpful! Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below! I’ll see you next time. XOXO


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