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Five Netflix series you must watch

What’s up guys?

Unable to decide what to watch on Netflix next? I GOT YOUR BACK!

Summers in Delhi is at its peak and I am so guilty of not being able to work and staying indoors in the fear of melting myself. Eagerly waiting for the monsoon showers to blow in and calm the summer heat down until then- gotta stay back indoors and NETFLIX AND CHILL. (Do I sound guilty, anymore? πŸ˜› ) Jokes apart, Having been doing that for a while, I thought I’ll help you guys decide which series to hook onto next ( just in case you’re in the same heat comma as me). Listing down five Netflix series that you must watch! Grab yourself some coffee and popcorn, and tune in!

Also, if you’ve watched all of these do not forget to leave down your suggestions in the comments below. 

Little Things

Little things are two seasons old. The series talks about the little moments experienced by a young couple (namely Dhruv and Kavya) in their everyday life. As the name suggests- It is the Little things in the show that you can relate to. This show caters the right amount of romance and drama and is a must watch if you’re willing to watch something light-hearted and easy.

The Crown

This series, in particular, follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Also talks about the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century. Each scene has its own beauty. Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II is phenomenal. She has this rare ability to emote with just her eyes. It’s a wonderfully put together show, with each an every cent well spent. Once you start watching- you can not help but immerse yourselves in the era and story.

Sex Education

This show is a blessing. Blessing to the literal mind of the people who consider sex a taboo. This Netflix show is about the life of the son of a sex therapist and the hurdles he comes across as he grows into an adult. This show isn’t just about sex, it’s about learning self-appreciation, respect and living life as best as possible with the choices we have in front of us. A true blend of comedy, love, and drama – Sex Education is a well balanced and written series that takes you for a ride that’s full of heart.


Are you a sucker for mystery and suspense? Then this is your jam! It’s a brilliant show with an excellent star cast. This series retells the tale of England’s most celebrated detective in a modern-day setting. Sherlock Holmes as we all know is a famous entity and to re-invent a known entity in a way that is completely fresh and compelling is an experience of its own. 

The End of the F***ing World

It’s a series based on the graphic novel by Charles S. Forman. The best thing about β€œThe End of the F***ing World” is that it’s hard to describe. It’s funny, and it’s sweet; it’s violent, and it’s romantic. It’s one of the few dark comedies that I have ever watched and it’s incredible. So get on it… and see how do you like it. 

That’s all for this blog! 

I’ll be back soon. LOTS OF LOVE


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