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Bloom in Florals this Summer

Hello ! Hello! 

How are you guys? I really hope you’re keeping up and enjoying the Blogs marathon happening lately? In case you’re unaware I’ve posted quite a few blogs focusing on Travel as well as Summer dressing recently. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I insist you go and check them out too. 

Summers for me is all about cool, vibrant colors that instantly add to my mood that brings me to florals because hey, what better way than adding florals to your outfits to embrace summers and enjoy a splash of colors in your looks. Florals certainly define summer dressing in the best possible way. It is one of the prettiest patterns of dresses which can never fail to get adored by everyone. I’ve witnessed floral patterns taking over the fashion industry leaps and bounds: you can find tons of clothing hanged across each and every store be it branded/non-branded, selling floral clothing in all shapes, patterns and sizes.

I recently got my hands on this stunning mid-length maxi dress from Zara, it’s beautiful. I absolutely love the length of it, it’s a length that flatters my body- it’s neither too short not too long, also it has a slit that pseudo-elongates my body frame. A tip for all my petite girls, Remember a side slit ensures that you do not look swamped by the fabrics and adds a certain height to your petite frame- so watch out for the slit when you next go and buy a dress for yourself.

I love the color and pattern all over it. It has flowers in all shapes and sizes and also in multiple colors. All the colors in the dress blend in so well that it’s pleasing to the eye. Also, The continuous color and pattern again elongate one’s body frame and makes them look tall.

I teamed up the dress with yellow pumps, yellow because I wanted something bright and vibrant to go with the dress also carried this red sling to bring some more color blocking into play. Love how each of these compliments the dress in a unique way.

Didn’t accessorize much, just stacked a few bracelets and added these blue solid color studs with rhinestone detailing and I love how they look.

Also experimented a little and braided the crown area of my hair, digging the change and I can not wait to experiment more with the way my hair looks.

Another quick tip, If you are heading for a resort vacation anytime soon maxi dresses should definitely be on your packing list!  They are trendy and comfortable that you can just throw them on and wear them and hang by the beach or the pool all day long.

I am sure by now you guys agree that your wardrobe is incomplete without floral dresses and you can not just let go off this massive trend without having at least a pair or two in your wardrobe. 

Do Let me know if you happen to rush to the mall right after reading this blog, just to get that easy-breezy- floral dress/outfit for yourselves. Haha, Just kidding! No need to rush to the mall- you can buy yourselves one Online too. Also, don’t forget to tag me in your pictures wearing it.

I’ll see you with a new blog, super soon- Until next time! XOXO


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