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Say hello to good skin this winter| FOREO LUNA mini 2 Review

Hello guys!

I hope the winters are treating you well.

Imma complete winter baby and what excites me the most about winters is the idea of dressing up, layering coats, moving around in oversized hoodies and walking in style in my booties but but but not everything’s nice and pretty about winters especially with this toxic environment- our skin tends to act up and It becomes extremely important to incorporate a few integral steps in our daily routine in order to get rid of all the toxicities on our face for a clear, glowing & healthy skin.

Skincare is not about indulging in elaborative procedures instead it is about following a few general steps that will help you get a healthy and glowing skin.  Also, especially when talking of winters it’s good to stay true to simple steps because anything more complex can result in skin irritation due to drier winter months. Four do’s that I considerably live by during winter months are: HYDRATE • EXFOLIATE • PROTECT • DETOXIFY

1.Hydrate your skin 

To keep yourself *hydrated* is to fuel your body’s metabolism and make steps towards healthy and youthful skin. Dry skin, needless to say, is a sign of Dehydration which is why it is a wise decision to keep sipping some water before you crave it.

2. Exfoliate your skin

Flaky skin is a common sight for winters which is why to get rid of the flakiness, dirt and dead skin *Exfoliation* comes into play.

I recently got my hands on the Foreo Luna Mini-2 and exfoliation & cleansing has been so much fun and easier ever since. It helps me deep clean and have a supple soft skin.

What is FOREO LUNA mini 2?

My winter skincare essentials all in a frame

The FOREO LUNA mini 2 is a blessing, it is an enhanced face cleansing brush with silicone bristles that help you get rid of the dirt from the pores within your skin. It offers about eight adjustable intensities for pulsation just so that one can pick a speed that’s the most comforting. It even works well for all skin types and to make the entire experience more colourful and bright we get to choose from the six exciting colours available. The bristles are made of Silicon, unlike most other cleansing brushes in the market with nylon bristles which as per my in-depth research causes drier and abrasive skin, making your skin feel stretched and bruised.

While I am gifted with good bong skin, however, I mostly use products which are mild on the skin and don’t cause too much harshness.

Silicon bristles, primarily ensure that there is no sort of germs and bacteria accumulation. It comes in a travel-friendly size so carrying it along during travel isn’t much of a big deal.

WHY LUNA mini 2 as an essential in my Winter Skincare?

While most of you would wonder (because even I had this pre-conceived notion), that a cleansing brush which deeply cleanses through one’s skins pores would obviously lead to dryness, and hence shouldn’t be used in Winters. I beg to differ here guys, the brush helps to cleanse effectively and leaves your skin visibly breathable and soft- but obviously, you need to moisturize yourself too.

Deep cleansing is important (I can vouch for it because I have been using it regularly) ensures, all your serums and creams get absorbed better- unlike when you wash your face with your hands and a face wash. Get it?

How to use the LUNA mini 2?

Watch this video:

In a nutshell, it is a one-minute cleansing routine.

Step 1: Add a drop of your favourite cleanser/ face wash to the device or on your face

Step 2: Turn on the LUNA mini 2. You will start feeling the pulsations

Step 3: Adjust the intensity, based on how much you like it. The pulsations are a gentle massage on the face, which also helps in blood circulation

Step 4: Wash your face and pat dry! Tadaa you’re ready,

3. Protect your skin

Sunscreen is your shield for 365 days which is why I make it a point to never miss applying it. Protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays is the most crucial step to add to your skincare routine.

4. Detox your skin

Going on a Detox once a week is another must do as a part of your winter skincare routine. You can either put on a homemade mask or relax after putting a face sheet. I personally enjoy applying Multani mitti mixed with rose water, it leaves my skin fresh and brimming. This step ensures you a tight, pure and toned skin.

That was my take on Winter Skincare! I hope you guys liked it. Lemme know if you have any further questions with respect to FOREO LUNA Mini 2, I’ll be happy to answer. I’ll see you next time. Tada!

My Final Verdict on LUNA mini 2

While it is a very expensive product, indeed. But if you save up and spend on it- it is worth every rupee or dollar you spend for the larger health and well being of your skin.

You can check out the product on the website, click here

It is even available in Sephora India, click here


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