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Big goodbye to summertime skin sadness with Ikkai by Lotus

Summers are here and no matter how much we love – putting on those summery dresses, licking those ice lollies, savoring the summer fruits and enjoying in the sun, Summer does take a toll on our skin – that none of us have control over.

I was always taken back by the idea of shooting outdoors during summers because on certain days when I used to come back home after long hours of shoot, my skin used to act up – it felt greasy, dusty and to be honest, no one really enjoys bearing with such skin.  I always made it a point to take care of my skin and walk that extra mile in order to keep it healthy and glowing but even after investing in so much nothing seemed to work in my favor.

This summer, I wanted to be fully geared-Therefore apart from my basic skincare, like applying sunscreen, eating healthy, staying hydrated- I decided to uplift my skincare routine and started using a few naturally derived products from Ikkai by Lotus.

The Ikkai range comprises of the following products:

  • Face Mask
  • Face Souffle
  • Face Scrub

Each of these come in a single session sachet appropriate for one time use. The packaging is cute and girly, each product is packed in a colour theme based on the range it belongs to. It comes in the following variants: Orange, Papaya, Almond, Berries and Chocolate. Each of these variants serve a different purpose- depending upon the properties of each of the ingredients it is made using.

These sachets are compact and come in handy every time you’re traveling. The sachet comprises of 10g of products (can be used in two go’s but since it is fit for one-time use- prefer using it all in one go, share it with your mum/sister/a friend.)

The best thing about these products is that they’re made using natural ingredients thus. keeping the harsh artificial/chemical based away. I personally appreciate the fact that these are made using natural ingredients because they’re already a lot of chemical based products in the market and these products overtime do impact your skin in some way or the other.

Now let’s talk about each of these products individually,

Face scrub: It is extremely mild on the skin and perfect for daily use , it smells great, has a think consistency- it doesn’t leave behind any lather, but does help get rid of black heads/white heads to a decent extent.

HOW TO USE? (Face scrub)

Step 1: Cut the sachet and apply the product evenly on your  face using your fingers.

Step 2: Rub it in a decent motion, softly without going too harsh on your skin. Keep moving in a constant motion for around 10 minutes in an upward direction.

Step 3: Wash it off using mild water, However, washing it off is a bit messy due to the creamy texture, therefore, make sure you take your time and dry your face using a soft towel thereafter.

Face pack and Face Souffle: Both of them have a creamy consistency. The consistency is not runny rather it is thick and non uniform. They spread on the skin effortlessly and evenly. The fragrance of each of these products is yummy, it feels authentic and you’ll definitely be tempted to sniff it often (Hahah, at least, I was).  However, the fragrance is soothing – does not overpower in any way.

HOW TO USE? (Souffle + Face Pack)

Step 1: Cut the sachet and apply the product evenly on your face using your fingers.

Step 2: Leave it for 10 minutes

Step:3: Don’t wait for the pack/ Souffle to dry you can wash it off straight after 10 minutes. However, washing it off is a bit messy due to the creamy texture therefore make sure you take your time and dry your face using a soft towel thereafter.

Since these products come in a lot of different variants you must try out for yourself and see which one works the best for you. I so far love the Chocolate scrub and Papaya face pack.

I have used their products nearly for 3 weeks now and they have helped my skin regain the lost glow, my skin doesn’t feel as greasy as before-in fact it feels super soft and healthy.

I personally enjoy doing a mini facial all by myself using these products, whenever I have time.

These products are eco friendly and cruelty free and each sachet is priced at ₹85 each.

They’re fairly priced, specially for the kind of purpose they deliver.

You can buy these products from NYKAA

Do let me know, what do you think of this review.

I’ll be back with more useful reviews to help you sustain the summer sun, super soon.

Until then, stay happy! XX


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