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Bursting Shaving Myths with Gillette Venus Breeze

All of you have watched me talking about the Gillette Venus Breeze on my social media channel lately! And i am absolutely loving my experience with Gillette Venus Breeze. Talking about the qualities of Gillette Venus Breeze and my personal experience with it. It has moisture gel bars made up of glycerine and soap which always end up leaving my skin soft and hydrated after the shaving process. Thus always remember to keep the shaver in a dry place post shaving or the glycerine on the razor blades will go off.

Just after few days of the Gillette Venus Breeze event, I headed for my travel and kept the products with me as i was aware that in all the hustle in between traveling, staying at different places I won’t be able to get any time for my hair removal sessions unless i take out time to go to a salon, which is nearly impossible while traveling. I had put my Gillette Venus Breeze razor and the closed blade inside my toiletry pouch which merely took any space. Over a ten days trip i had shaved thrice to keep myself hygienic in the heated Kolkata. And i am back to delhi and guess what i am leaving for Kulla tomorrow again! There is no best way than this tiny product to have a perfect skin every time an unwanted hair pops out.

And the Gillette Venus Breeze retails for INR.299/-

About the event:

Gillette Venus breeze hosted a media event in Delhi recently where Actress, Kalki Koechlin, Celebrity dermatologist, Dr Rashmi Shetty,  Bollywood Makeup Artist, Namrata Soni all together debunked the myths related with shaving. Gillette Venus breeze It’s two in one razor equipped with 360 degrees rotator head with water activated moisture gel bars and formulated with body butters with glycerine which provides one stroke smoothness while retaining the skin moisture.

Actress Kalki Koechlin who endorses the brand said, “Venus Breeze has revolutionized the hair removal experience with in-build moisture gel bars enriched with body butters. Women can now look forward to a sensorial hair removal process versus painful waxing and harmful creams.”

She further added, “It doesn’t happen everyday that you get a chance to endorse a brand that you have been using and identify with. Being in the profession that keeps me on my toes, I always carry my Venus Breeze razor wherever I go. It is an important addition to my beauty kit.” While Celebrity dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty Added, “Being a dermatologist,I can assure you that shaving is the most hygienic, skin friendly method of hair removal. It is extremely safe over other methods that have harsh chemicals and can permanently damage one’s skin.

Few well known myths about shaving which are formed in India and were busted by the two experts at the event.

Shaving DOES NOT make your hair grow thicker, it depends on genetics of a person what kind of hair we have thick or thin.
Shaving DOES NOT makes your skin darker or dry your skin, it will rather helps in exfoliating it.
It is a myth that shaving gives cuts and nicks, not with the right product, like Gillette Venus Breeze in which the blades are well mounted and the movement is easy and smooth.
Shaving DOES NOT lead to pigmentation. If you use the latest products of shaving and the best one being Gillete Venus Breeze.

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