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Beauty and Nature intervened | Kashmir Travel Diaries

Have you been stopping yourself from traveling to Kashmir? Do you believe, that tourism equals terrorism in Kashmir and this is what is keeping you away from traveling to Kashmir? If yes, then it’s time you stop seeing Kashmir from a borrowed lens and built a perspective of our own because all thanks to Breaking news and Bollywood, this thought has been repeatedly ingrained in our minds but that’s truly not how it is – yes, terrorism is prevalent but not always and everywhere and I am not saying this just for the sake of saying but Kashmir truly is one of a kind and it’s beauty is hypnotic. Thus, it should be on everybody’s travel bucket list.

Visiting this place rekindled my love for unspoilt Nature. Can say this without second guessing that Kashmir stands trueto its tag of “Heaven on earth”. Don’t believe me? See it with your eyes.

In Kashmir nature has an identity of its own. Everything about this place is blissful-be it the blooming orchards or the valleys of hyacinths, amaranths and irises alongside the roads, all these elements together make their way straight into one’s heart and leave them mesmerized.

I have put together some of my favourite suggestions for things to do in Kashmir in this blog, make sure you continuereading and take notes.

I went to Kashmir via a direct flight from Delhi, yes we now have a direct flight from Delhi to Kashmir and one canfeasibly book themselves a ticket online.

However, don’t expect the airport to be as well equipped as the other airports you’ve been to. Kashmir airport is not that well maintained and has an extremely poor infrastructure but that shouldn’t really be a botheration because what’s coming next is precisely what one should be looking forward to.

We took a cab from Srinagar airport to our hotel, after checking in we relaxed for a while and went out to explore Srinagar during the evening, To start with, we went to see the Zero bridge, a bridge built on river Jhelum showcasing Kashmiris rich heritage with its traditional architecture style, built on wooden planks this bridge links Rajbagh and Sonwar.

There are little tuck-shops if by chance you wish to quickly grab a bite otherwise you can go, stroll around this place and enjoy yourself some peaceful time.

The next morning we went to Dal Lake or as people in the city call it “Jewel in the crown of Kashmir”. Visiting Dal Lake during the morning hours was the best decision, The calm of the lake was unreal.

We did not book ourselves a houseboat but a hotel instead because it tends to get monotonous and there’s not much to do if you stay in a houseboat. Staying in a houseboat surely is an overwhelming experience but It is very important to choose the right houseboat to have that perfect experience.

However a shikara ride in the Dal lake, though clichéd, is a must do activity in Srinagar. These shikara’s are painted with bright colors and have gorgeous intricate details that tend to catch everybody’s eye who’s around.

The most interesting aspect of the Dal Lake is the floating markets. It was actually very surprising to see the variety of wares the vendors sell in the Dal lake. We spotted shikara’s selling jewels, fresh flowers, saffron, fresh vegetables and whatnot- It was all in all an amazing experience and now that I think of it I so wish to go back.

In the next lap of our trip we went road tripping from Srinagar to Pahalgam- It somewhat took us 3 hours to reach our destination. Have to admit, that it was an blissful experience to drive along the mountains and the valley, every view was scenic and worth capturing.

While in Pahalgam we visited the Betaab Valley, which is a breathtaking combination of picturesque surroundings. The valley is circumscribed by mountains filled with tall deodar trees and pineforests, with the Lidder River flowing right through it. There hardly was anynook and corner that wasn’t worth capturing , everyphotographer and a bollywood savvy’s dream “Betaab Valley” is a must visit .

We also made a short stop at the Pahalgam apple garden, since July-August-September are believed to be the Apple seasons, one of the locals advised us to definitely make a visit to the apple gardens as it’ll be a remarkable sight to see, we followed his advice and it truly was a wonderful experience.

After Pahalgam we went to Gulmarg,this iswhere you spot snow if you visit during the cold months but since I was here inSeptember, I couldn’t spot any but to enjoy every bit of this pristine place ,we went on a gondola ride and even hired horses to take us around. Riding ahorse is a must when in Gulmarg, you just can not miss out on this experience.

After Gulmarg, we went onto explore our last destination Doodhpathri. Not a lot of people would have heard about this place but I personally enjoy exploring the unexplored and dropping by these remote areas where you get to meet the locals and witness their lifestyle in the simplest of its form. However, there’s not much touristy stuff to do when in Doodhpathri but we did spot a flock of sheep’s while gazing around the valley and it seemed as if I was stuck ina kindergarten storybook or something. Told you it’s a simple place and thus the simplest of things bring happiness rolling in.

Well, that’s about it from my trip to Kashmir. I had an amazing time. Check out the outfit I wore on my way back.

Leave down suggestions if there’s anything that you’d like me to explore on my next trip to Kashmir because your girl is definitely gonna go back.

Until next time, xx

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