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Back To School

kamaali coture 2

kamaali coture 4

kamaali coture 5

kamaali coture 6

kamaali coture

Top, Mango | Skater Skirt, Forever 21 | Tassel Chocker, Kamaali Couture | Ballerina, Tory Burch
Photography, Bhuwan Gupta | Styling & Modelling, Monalisha Mahapatra

Quick outfit posts are one of my favorite kinds, where I can just talk about more into trends I like the most and to create looks with DIY’s and what not. It’s like, been there done that kinda feeling when I thought of this look, did this back to school look a long time back, never really took out time to upload this set on my blog, because I was so much occupied with commercial posts that this kind slipped my mind. As they say, it’s always good to arrive late than never so here I am posting this look which is one of the easy to do look’s I have ever done.

Denim on denim can never go wrong if it’s done right, I took out my old denim skater skirt with this again so old Denim skirt, it’s with me nearly past 3 years now and it’s my absolute prized possession in my closet.
Summing out this quick look with a tasseled choker and Red ballerinas and not to side pass my messed up bun which is like my soul sister every now and then.

Hope you enjoyed my quick lookbook! Until then.
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Love Mona <3


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