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Art of Performance by Jaguar

Learn the Art of Performance – The Jaguar style

When life is speeding up, you too need to gear up! Maybe Bolt was right, with speed comes supersonic responsibilities.

Still wondering what I am talking about? Well, dear readers it’s time I reveal to you my worth-it-all experience with Jaguar’s The Art of Performance Tour, Delhi Chapter. Yes! You read it right. I was one of the lucky ones out here in the capital who got an exclusive chance to be the part of this mesmerizing event organized by the legends of Automobile.

The day with the speeding beasts was not just action packed for me but also at the same time a knowledgeable encounter about the over-all experience of driving a Jaguar. The driving tracks, the well-trained driving instructors, the brand’s team interaction about how and what led to the unleashing of these stunners (I definitely mean that!) and the exclusive moment of driving each one of these cars made me a total awe-struck fan.

The event was bundled in a luxurious set of three phases. Each of which enlightened us about ‘the brand’ and its cars. Starting from the need to accelerate till it reached the machine’s throttle and then break system to driving on steep curvy tracks and leading on to the final stage of flawless & effortless car management while changing lanes along with instant break & acceleration use!


The cars I enjoyed the driving experience of were, Jaguar F-TYPE & F-PACE. And trust me that the engines inbuilt in the cars were thrill giving monsters set out for the people who live class apart. Even though I was driven by a trained instructor around in the car, but the feel of being driven in a Jaguar is legen-wait for it-dary! Witnessing The Art of Performance Tour by Jaguar, Delhi Chapter was not like any other automobile event. It is all about three things – Luxury, Style & Speed. Will I be wrong if I say I am in love? *wink*

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