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Airport Looks 101

Just got back home from a 12 days long trip and packing my bags for another
So, hey-hey what better time to do this!

The b-town celebs have made #AirportLooks officially a thing and one cannot help but fall for the ongoing Instagram trend. Following the footsteps of our beloved celebrities, for today’s blog I’ve listed town a few edgy looks that I’ve put together using a few staples and will definitely come in handy during your next travel. After all, you need to look your best just in case the paps come running, wanting to click pictures of you, Hahaha 😀

 1. Graphic tees for the win

Graphic tees are one of the most effortlessly stylish pieces! Pick up a tee that reflects your vibe pair it up with your joggers/ palazzo pants and voila you’re ready to rule the runway. Also, Just in case you need some soothing colors to make you feel light during your long hours of travel, a pastel pink joggers is all you need.

2. Channel your sporty side

This is by far my favorite and the edgiest look, you can easily make Athleisure scream fashion, by elevating your joggers and sneakers with a sports bra and an oversized jacket. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to put your gym wear into better use.

3. Take off in Denims

Do I need to stress enough on how integral denim jackets a.k.a these denim babies are for your wardrobe? No right! So what ya waiting for go get one already! Denim jackets can be styled with a kurta, a simple tee or basically anything and everything! You have a denim jacket on means you’re sorted wear it when cold, tie it around your waist when you don’t need it- it’ll add that style factor anyway.

4. Black for the win

Black is bae and an all-black outfit while traveling is like you’re ready to slay no matter if you’re entering the airport or coming out of it! YOU HAVE YOUR BLACK GAME GOING, MEANS YOU’RE READY- bring it on. Also, little accessories never hurt anybody so you can always pull off a few trinkets that are easy going and compliment your outfit.

5. Easy chic all the way

Having your Fashion Game on doesn’t mean you compromise on comfort- you always need to ensure that COMFORT comes FIRST- because trust me feeling restricted to even move around because of the outfit you’re wearing is the last thing you want. Wear your palazzo pants- look for edgy details in them and you can even elevate your look with your accessories, just like I’m wearing this adorable furry cap here! Tell me it’s cute, isn’t it?

6. Be a fur ball

With winters approaching, this look can be an ideal airport look to beat the chilly winds. Pulling off a fur coat will not just help you look stylish but allow you to make space for a few more pieces in your luggage because girl- I know you need that!

7. Never too dressy

Minimalism is the key, especially when travelling- pick up pieces that are not OTT yet look good. For example, a casual dress you can either build it up or dress it down and slay in it – both the ways. Be on a lookout for a chunky bag or a chunky footwear in case you want to sprinkle some extra style.

8. Floral on the go

Florals are here to stay, no matter what time of the season. They allow you to get in the vacation mood, hours before you’re actually ring in your vacation. So make sure you have a floral dress on cards for your next airport OOTD.

9. Homegirl vibes

Do it just how they do it in the movies, wear something that belongs to you- that defines your style! Never lose the homegirl vibe, take it along wherever you go.

Like here, This outfit is soo me: Comfy shoes, a pair of shorts, a white tee and a backpack. PERFECT!
Also, to make the look slightly edgy – I’ve worn my scarf as a belt and a hat too get the tourist within me going.

10. Orange is the new black

You can never go wrong with a maxi dress- also if it’s orange it’s like a cherry on the cake. In case you’re looking for some hairdo inspiration- a top knot is exactly what you need. Carry a backpack and you’re good to go.

Now that I have my outfit sorted! BRB, wearing my wings so that I’m all set to take flight.

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