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A day in Varanasi

When in Varanasi, my social media feed was Flooded with the colourful boat pictures at the ghats of Benares. The city took me all and gave me so much more then words can describe. I have been planning to visit this place since a long time back, fairly when i had started travelling during my graduation days, but couldn’t really make it back then, but as they say whatever happens, happens for good.

My tiny visit to Benares was nothing fancy at all, we group of 4 people went to the city of ghats in scout of location and richness of the divine city for few of my work projects. And as we were sponsoring ourselves, the budget was a little too tight. So we decided to take a train as it’s cheaper than that off an aeroplane fair, but trust me the idea was not that bad though if you have good company and 16hrs to spare just for the train travel, somehow we managed to spare sixteen hours and we enjoyed the whole trip without cribbing. The train was being boarded from New Delhi railway station around 10PM and we made our way to Manduadih, Varanasi, Railway station the next day most likely during noon time. We took an auto towards kashi ghat and the auto guy took us to the most expensive yet a sad hotel and yes there were many options to deem on but we were too lazy to do that and were getting late to scout for shoot locations so we chose not to search any more and stick to the sad hotel. The most annoying hotel stay ever, completely miserable and mismanaged staff and really very bad management. Somehow none of us had any hotel booking app in our super smart phones neither we cared, thats the worse thing in the world when you are traveling, well lesson learnt ( Never do that guys! ).

At the very moment we thought to change the hotel the next day, which never happened as we were too exhausted travelling and scouting and shooting etc. Meanwhile, I would recommend to at least download an app like Make My Trip or Oyo Rooms or Air BNB so that your stay is sorted ( No i am not being paid to promote any of the apps but these will definitely be a savior for a new traveler like me)

As we had to leave for some food, all of us chose not to catch any sleep and head out. We went to the very Famous Deena Chaat Bhandar, Gurudwara Road, we had all sorts of local food to start our noon at Benares City with all spicy food possible to gulp. After munching we headed to scout the location for the shoot which was about to happen the very next day.

Travelling in cabs were a problem as they don’t pick up calls after confirming the booking or they cancel the cab on their own and never return back to you. So the best way to travel is via auto or rickshaw near the ghat area, as we did. The city has very tiny lanes which spreads like a branch of a tree so make sure that you book an auto for the day as the roads and lanes get really very busy and the traffic is all over.

In all these juggles we made it to our first visit to one of the auspicious Ghat, called as Assi Ghat ( 80 Ghat ). We shot some wonderful pictures till evening and spent our rest of the day sitting at the ghat. As the day was running towards sun set the bank of Ganges was starting up with the Ganga arti preparations at the ghats. We hired a boat to take us towards all the ghats and show us how the ghats allure during the night.

The night has come to an end as we had to head back to our home, but i always enjoy going to a new place, luring and exploring everything new in a new place. Regardless of few bad experiences the journey was good and cherishing.

Outfit Details:

Look 1 :
Melon Top : H&M
Joggers: Aeropostale
Footwear: Presa Flats
Bag: Caprese
Eyewear: Ray Ban

Look2 :
Dress: KharaKapaas
Bag: Caprese
Shoes: Adidas Originals
EyeWear: RayBan

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